About Us

Increda-Peg is a patented product distributed by IDN Africa, a proudly South African company established in 2015.

We strive to produce cost-effective products with the aim of promoting value for money.


Our clothing pegs increases your hanging space because of the innovative hook design, allowing other items to be hanged onto the same peg, thus increase your hanging space.

These spring less clothing pegs are tough and long lasting and recovers its shape by twisting it in the opposite direction


Our pegs are great for the outdoors. Hang anything you want on the down lines of your tent or simply add a hook to a tree near you.


Use the Increda-peg to hang or hook up plants.

Also use it to hook up your extension cords. .



All you need to know.

sadly no, shipping is not free in South Africa.
Our pegs can last up to a year, if not longer. They are tough and durable.
Our pegs do not leave peg marks. Simply hook your pants to the hook and wait for them to dry.
YES! Our pegs are very strong. They will hold your washing to the line.
Our pegs are made from 100% recycled plastic.
Not yet, but we are working on it.

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